ABC Pathways Group【Parents Phonics Programme 】

During each Summer Programme since 2010, ABC Pathways School has run the “Parents’ Phonics Workshop” – an intensive programme tailor-made for parents, that is designed to effectively and rapidly teach the skills of “sound blending and segmenting,” including the correct pronunciation of the letters of the English alphabet and associated vocabulary. This phonics programme will help parents to become well-equipped with the essential skills needed for reinforcing skills learnt in the classroom with their children at home in order to enhance learning outcomes. Based on positive feedback from parents, ABC has launched a “Parents’ Phonics Workshop” held outside of the Summer programme and taught by our Phonics Coordinator.

專為家長度身訂造的拼音速成課程,極速有效教授原音拼合法(Synthetic Phonics),包括字母的發音及生字的正確


* 任何優惠均不適用於《家長拼音工作坊》。

– 日期:6月6, 13, 20, 27日 (逢星期六)
– 時間:3:30pm-6:00pm (共10小時)
– 地點:ABC Pathways School 藍田分校, 麗港城商場2字樓S3A舖

– 日期:7月4, 11日 (星期六)
– 時間:10:15am-12:45pm 及 1:45pm-4:15pm (共10小時)
– 地點:ABC Pathways School 北角分校, 港運城2樓203號舖

– 日期:7月25日,8月1, 8, 15 (星期六)
– 時間:3:00pm – 5:30pm (共10小時)
– 地點:ABC Pathways School 黃埔分校, 黃埔花園11期(聚寶坊)地下G27號鋪

✅極速有效教授原音拼合法(Synthetic Phonics)