7 Levels of English Education

Students in ABC Pathways International Kindergarten are assigned to levels based on ability. Level 7, the highest level in our English programme currently, is equivalent to P2 English standards in Band One primary schools.

ABC Cambridge: Language and Communication Component

ABC Pathways has been the one and only “Educational Partner” recognised by Cambridge University Press in Hong Kong, and has been taking a leading position in teaching Cambridge English. The ABC Cambridge Programme focuses on listening and speaking skills. It enhances children’s listening comprehension and oral presentation abilities. ABC Cambridge enables children to pick up English in a stress-free environment. From an early age, children’s listening and speaking skills are nurtured and they are equipped with an abundance of vocabulary. Students who are around 3 to 4 years old can already comprehend and communicate in English.


Key features of this area of the curriculum are:

  • Focus on oral and listening skills
  • Developing personal, emotional and social development
  • “Becoming Smart” approach develops thinking skills, memory, concentration and creativity
  • Building self-confidence in language communication and developing a broad vocabulary range
  • Cross curricular topics encourage children to think about the world around them
  • Regular assessment to ensure learners are at the correct level
  • Provide targeted practice for Cambridge YLE Exams


ABC Read4Fun

The Read4Fun Programme leads children to the world of phonics, reading, spelling, compression, sentence composition, and guided writing. It teaches children to develop high-quality reading and writing abilities. Therefore, during K2 2nd term, Read4Fun lessons plays a major role in our English programme, allowing children to eventually read passages and develop their writing skills.

Key features of this area of the curriculum are:

  • Gaining advanced ability in reading comprehension
  • Excellent performance in the areas of reading and writing
  • Developing a love for reading
  • Exploring a range of interesting fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Regular assessment to ensure learners are at the correct level


Critical Thinking Programme

Through science, logical thinking practices, and storytelling, ABC targets to train the critical thinking skills of students. We hope they will develop independent and analytical thinking as well as decision making ability.

See the Read4Fun Programme in action!