6 Levels of Chinese Education

The Chinese programme and materials are designed and created by the ABC teaching team. Our skill-based approach disrupts traditional learning methods, allowing students to progress at their own pace. By placing students in levels according to their abilities, we ensure that each child embarks on their learning journey at an appropriate starting point. Our custom-made teaching materials cater to each level, making Chinese learning enjoyable and effortless. In recent years, the Chinese level of our graduates is equivalent to P2 standards in Band One primary schools.


Band One School Curriculum

Our programme takes reference from the Hong Kong Band One Kindergarten and Primary School curriculums and revised regularly based on our school-based approach.

Students are assigned to levels based on ability

Our curriculum is delivered by experienced teachers, and students are assessed regularly to keep on the right track.

Mandarin Programme

Already skilled at Chinese reading and writing, our students focus their listening and oral training in Mandarin Programme. Through fun and structured activities, children start to pick up vocabulary in Mandarin and confidence in speaking Mandarin. Our students have had great achievements in public competitions.

2 Unique Ways of Teaching Chinese