Our Teacher Team

Our Teacher Team

  • ABC believes good teachers are the guardian angels of children
  • Teachers with enthusiasm and strong motivation will provide the best education for children
  • ABC is proud of our professional teaching team. Nurturing every child with “love” and “patience”, the Chinese and English teachers in every class are like the parents of the family


Encouragement and Appreciation


  • ABC hopes every child falls in love with learning
  • Teachers use praise and positive motivation to help children develop a positive learning attitude
  • This way, they will enjoy the learning process, feel a regular sense of achievement, and finally become a winner in life

Moral Education

  • Beyond academic performance, ABC stresses moral education as well
  • Emulating the teachers, and through teaching and learning with teachers and peers, children will pick up some important moral factors and be able to use them for a lifetime
  • Teachers regularly receive professional development in the internationally growing field of Character Education

Teaching Based on Children’s Ability

  • Students are assigned to levels based on ability and we adopt small group teaching
  • Small group teaching allows every child to be well taken care of by teachers
  • Every child starts their educational journey in a level where they are most comfortable, matching our school philosophy of happy and pressure-free learning

Strong Devotion to Teaching

  •  We believe students learn best from everyday life
  • Originating all over the world, teachers share their personal stories with children.
  • According to the teaching themes, teachers bring to school their family photos, toys, pets, and storybooks they used when they were small to share with the children