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I Believe

To watch our children to grow up happily is what we as parents most want to see. However, in the current local education climate, surrounded by a sea of comparisons and competition from different learning establishments, parents can become lost and confused. It is all too easy for parents to overlook their original intentions for their child – good parenthood and a happy and effective education. In many cases, the intimate bond between parents and their children is sadly beginning to disappear due to overly demanding expectations and pressure on both parents and children alike. As a mother of three, I have always aspired to rise to the challenge of maintaining a positive parenting attitude throughout my professional career.

ABC’s mission focuses on maintaining the bond between parents and their children within an educational environment. We believe that “happy” and “effective” learning should and can co-exist and we hope that our parents feel how much of our heart and devotion goes into achieving this. As parents, let us give our Little Ones the best childhood possible. I wholeheartedly hope that with our support, “happiness”, “school work” and “parental bonding” can all co-exist perfectly in your family.

Both ABC and I personally wish your child the happiest of childhoods!


Mrs. Bally Wong

School Supervisor of ABC Pathways International Kindergarten


  • With more than 20 years’ experience in education and corporate management, along with her philosophy of “Happy Learning” which breaks away from a traditional way of teaching, Mrs Bally Wong is the founder of ABC Pathways School. In 14 years, ABC Pathways has opened 8 schools, each of an average at 9,200 sq ft. Under Bally’s leadership, ABC Pathways School is appointed as an “Authorised Centre” by Cambridge English Language Assessment, and is also the only English school in Hong Kong to be recognised by Cambridge University Press as an “Educational Partner”. Over its long run, ABC Pathways School has nurtured more than 45,000 students.
  • Inspired by her overseas studies in a stress-free setting, Bally fell in love with learning all over again. She had her first taste of what it means to “be encouraged,” and “be recognised,” which she feels are of the utmost importance to any student. Bally was determined to establish a brand new approach to English learning, one which embraced the essence of both the best of Western and Hong Kong styles of teaching. Her goal was to develop a system that empowers every child to become an expert in English, believing that every student deserves an enjoyable experience in learning.


  • Executive Master of Business Administration, University of Hull
  • MBA, Certified NLP Trainer (INLPA, IANLP), Certified NLP Coach (INLPA)
  • Part-time lecturer at HKUSPACE
  • Guest speaker at Radio Television Hong Kong
  • Parenting column writer for Metro Daily, AM730, Whiz-kids Express Weekly, and Pre-School magazines
  • Corporate trainer and speaker for A.S. Watson Group, AM730, Peegaboo Parenting Group, Wyeth, and a number of local schools.