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I Believe

As a mother of three daughters and having witnessed the changes in teaching, parenting, and students in Hong Kong’s education system over the past 26 years, I have observed a shift in priorities. When parents welcome their newborns into the world, their primary intention is always for their healthy and happy growth. However, under the influence of the current educational culture and atmosphere, this intention has become confused and even lost. The overemphasis on competition has led to a focus on scores and rankings, neglecting the cultivation of children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as their motivation and potential for learning.

Today’s society emphasizes outcomes while ignoring the process, leaving some parents feeling helpless and forgetting that cultivating their children’s values and character is the essential foundation for their success. When children possess noble character and the right values, they naturally exhibit attributes such as resilience, diligence, gratitude, responsibility, and respect for their elders. They will become outstanding individuals who excel in both character and talent.

With many years of educational experience, my teaching team and I have transformed ABC Pathways International Kindergarten into fertile ground. We strive to plant each seed, filled with infinite possibilities, in the most suitable soil, allowing every ABC student to blossom and bear fruit with abundant nutrients. Together with every Hong Kong family, we are dedicated to nurturing children to become true social leaders, achieving a win-win-win situation for “happiness,” “academic achievement,” and “parent-child relationships!”


Mrs. Bally Wong

School Supervisor of  ABC Pathways International Kindergarten



  • With more than 20 years’ experience in education and corporate management, along with her philosophy of “Happy Learning” which breaks away from a traditional way of teaching, Mrs Bally Wong is the founder of ABC Pathways School. In 14 years, ABC Pathways has opened 8 schools, each of an average at 9,200 sq ft. Under Bally’s leadership, ABC Pathways School is appointed as an “Authorised Centre” by Cambridge English Language Assessment, and is also the only English school in Hong Kong to be recognised by Cambridge University Press as an “Educational Partner”. Over its long run, ABC Pathways School has nurtured more than 45,000 students.
  • Inspired by her overseas studies in a stress-free setting, Bally fell in love with learning all over again. She had her first taste of what it means to “be encouraged,” and “be recognised,” which she feels are of the utmost importance to any student. Bally was determined to establish a brand new approach to English learning, one which embraced the essence of both the best of Western and Hong Kong styles of teaching. Her goal was to develop a system that empowers every child to become an expert in English, believing that every student deserves an enjoyable experience in learning.



  • EMBA, University of Hull
  • NLP Coach and Trainer
  • Founder of ABC Pathways Group
  • Founder of ABC Pathways School
  • Founder of ABC Pathways Education Foundation
  • School Supervisor of ABC Pathways International Kindergarten
  • Honorary President of Hong Kong Kindergarten Association
  • Director of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce