School Principal


Message of Principal

I have been working in the field of early childhood education for nearly 30 years. For me, early education goes far beyond just a job; it is a mission. My passion for this “mission” stems from kindergarten, a place filled with love and hope, where I have the opportunity to grow and learn with the children.

Seven years ago, I joined the ABC family. This has made me even more certain that as long as every decision we make prioritizes the maximum benefits and effectiveness for the children, respects each child’s uniqueness, encourages them to freely exercise their imagination and pursue their dreams, and provides full support throughout their learning journey, we can create a brighter future for them.

The vision of ABC aligns perfectly with my “mission”; ABC gives me the opportunity to continue pursuing my dream of “early education”, with the hope of transforming Hong Kong into a city of joyful learning. I want every child to enjoy every learning process, to bring out their talents and potential. I firmly believe that as long as we sow the seeds of kindness, courage, and dreams in the hearts of the children, they will bloom and bear rich fruits on their life path.

I sincerely thank all parents for your trust in us, for entrusting your most precious and beloved children to us, giving me the privilege to participate in and witness their growth. Let us join hands and guide them towards their brilliant future!



  • MA in School Improvement and Leadership

  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) in Leadership and Special Needs

  • Certification for Kindergarten Principals



  • Child Care Center Supervisor

  • Child Care Workers

  • Special Child Care Workers

  • Qualified Kindergarten Teacher