Monthly Achievement Award – Oct 2016 (Whampoa & Tai Koo Campus)

We believe that every child is unique. We hope that in a positive learning environment and through appreciation, encouragement, and recognition, the confidence of our young learners will blossom. Based on this, we have created the “Monthly Achievement Award.” Through regular observation and assessment, our aim is to recognise the contribution of our learners each month, with individuals chosen to receive the award. Congratulations to our 14 October Winners!

【10 Winning Categories】 Teamwork / Friendliness / Cooperation / Creativity / Courtesy / Leadership / Tidiness / Helpfulness / Participation / Sharing

Whampoa Campus : 

1. (PNAam) Jiang Hannah Tongying – Participation

2. (PNAam) Kwok Hau Yi – Helpfulness

3. (PNBam) Chan Wing Tung Scarlett -Leadership

4. (PNBam) Ng Pak Lam – Participation

5. (K1Aam) Belen Prince Beldy – Helpfulness

6. (K1Aam) Lee Zi Yin – Sharing

7. (K2Aam) Chan Ching Foon – Participation

8. (K2Aam) Zou Ling Jun Kingway – Politness

9. (K3Aam) Lee Yu Tung Lynette – Politness

10. (K3Aam) Leung Cheuk Laam – Leadership

Tai Koo Cmapus : 

1. (PNA) Kwong Hang Yat Ian – Participation

2. (PNB) Katrina Gu – Creativity

3. (K1) Sze Ching Fung Leo – Cooperation

4. (K3) Chan Chit Nga Hayley – Helpfulness

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KG Hor KG Hor