About ABC Education Foundation

ABC Education Foundation

ABC Pathways Group established ABC Education Foundation in 2017. Having educated millions of new generations and built the positive energy in the education field for years, ABC hopes to work hand-in-hand with ABC parents and students in promoting “Social Integration”─ building a society with harmony and helping families and children in need.

The Chinese name of ABC in ABC Education Foundation when pronunced in Mandarin is similar as “A-B-C” in English. Pronuncing in Mandarin also adds a meaning of “Contribution” and “Donation”.

Through ABC Pathways Group, ABC Education Foundation holds a wide variety of NLP workshops to promote positive life attitudes. Topics of these NLP workshops include parenting, family education, coporate management etc. These workshops target at listed companies, local enterprises, education groups, schools etc. All income will be donated to ABC Education Foundation for charity purpose.

The mission of ABC Education Foundation is to educate children to be caring to people around them to people in their community. Therefore, ABC Education Foundation joined hands with the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO) last year holding a series of charity projects including scholarships, fund raising, visits to the families on the sub-divided flats, communication between the two generations workshop, etc. With these, we hope our parents and children can work together to share our love towards the underprivileged families, allowing their fortunate children to have equal learning opportunities, as well as to grow healthily and happily.

Target Beneficiaries

1) Families in need
We provide financial and holistic support to families or individuals in need who encounter natural disasters and human misfortune.

2) Children
We provide learning opportunities and educational support to children; establish scholarships to subsidise their academic expenses.

3) Single-parent families
We provide living, educational, and financial support; organise workshops to instill practical knowledge of parenting, as well as a positive lifestyle to ensure a healthy development in children and help them to become self-reliant.

4) Women
We provide employment or job opportunities; enable women to become self-reliant and to improve their quality of life; bringing to our next generation a positive attitude, so that they can integrate into our society.