Media Coverage – ABC Pathways International Kindergarten as the main sponsors of premiere of “The Kid From The Big Apple”

“ABC Pathways International Kindergarten” were proud to be the main sponsors of a hugely successful Hong Kong premiere of “The Kid From The Big Apple《我來自紐約》” at Grand Ocean Cinema on 18th April. The movie has been described as “One of the best films this year”, and is a heartwarming tale of family and  forgiveness. The sensitive themes this powerful movie explores had a profound effect on the cinema audience, reflected in the tears of both heartbreak and joy throughout. For a family seeking a precious moment to bond with loved ones, we thoroughly recommend going to see “The Kid from the Big Apple” showing in cinemas now.


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ABC Pathways International Kindergarten are sponsors of the Hong Kong Premiere of 'The Kid From The Big Apple' ????? starring Tommy Tam ?? Jessica Hsuan ?? and Tan Qin Lin ??? and directed by Jess Teong ???, at Grand Ocean Cinema, Harbour City, Hong Kong. Photo: ABC Group