Our Parents

Who joins the ABC Family?

  • We believe that Happiness, School Work and Parental Bonding work best together in harmony. We work arm-in-arm with parents who want a happy and successful life for their child. Through regular and open communication with teachers and management, ABC parents become part of the ABC family as we all grow together.
  • As part of our dedication to providing an enjoyable and stress-free education for our learners, we ensure that parents are well-informed of our mission, philosophy, and educational practices during the Application procedure through “Admission Seminars” and “Character Education Workshops”. As parents will be essential partners throughout their child’s education at ABC, they are also an important part of the interview process.

ABC Pathways International Kindergarten parents

  • …are looking for an International Education that will help their children become part of the global community

  • …are dedicated to stress-free education and try not to put undue pressure on their child

  • …want to be part of a mutually supportive and caring community of children, parents and educators