Extra-Curricular Activities

**Welcome children under aged 5 to join! For enquiries, please call: 2110 9993 (Whampoa) 2110 1211 (Tai Koo)

Bilingual Playgroup Programme (English / Cantonese)

Aims of the Course

  • Encourage communication in two languages
  • Expand vocabulary in a variety of themes

Skills Exercised

  • Strengthen speaking and listening skills
  • Enhance confidence and social skills
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills

Programme Details 

  • Accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • 1:6-8 teacher to student ratio


English Speaking Performing Arts Training Workshop

Aims of the Workshop

  • To build self confidence
  • To develop effective communication skills
  • To explore a range of expression through voice and movement
  • To enhance learning through creative mediums

Skills Exercised

  • To interpret poetry and literature
  • To be able to speak with confidence in front of an audience
  • To work as part of a team

Creative Chinese Writing Course

Aims of the Course

  • To motivate learners to read and write through the use of interesting stories
  • To stimulate the development of the five senses using the themes of nature, rare animals, and special types of flowers and plants
  • To integrate Chinese language into nature within an interactive setting, inspire students to write independently and develop a love for learning

Skills Exercised

  • Recognizing and recreating various writing styles
  • Overall reading comprehension and sentence structure awareness